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Leaky Roofs

A leaky roof is often a sign of damaged shingles, we solve the leaks by going to the source – inspecting the roof, repairing the damaged parts and replacing the shingles – At the same we will work with your Insurance Company.

Suspect Roofing Damages

Waiting too long to check your roof can end up being costly. Let us help by giving a free roofing inspection and taking care of the insurance company for you.

Hail Storm Repairs

Hail Storm can destroy fences, AC-units and much more. Contact our 24/7 repair team and find out how they can help you.
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Roof Repair and Maintenance
Roof system maintenance is often the most neglected area of a home. A standard roofing system if properly taken care of can last anywhere from 20yr to a lifetime depending on the type of roofing system that is utilized.

One of the most prominent and cost effective roofing system is the asphalt shingle. It’s compromised of a tar infused fiberglass reinforcement with filler and asphalt granules. The function of this shingle is effectively shed water from the roof.

Sometimes due to a neglect in maintenance or storm related damages this functionality can be hindered and you may end up with a leak. How can you effectively detect that leak? is a question homeowners ask them selves during a torrential down pour. Well, if your caught in a leaky situation we have an effective method in helping you find the leak.

Most leaks occur at openings in the roof where the flashing around the opening has been failed. Most often, its a cracked seal which erodes over time and should be regularly maintained. Other times the leak maybe more serious coming from Vents in the attic, Valleys, Skylights, or step flashing where a roof slope adjoins the wall.

The best time to catch the culprit is when the leak is on going. You can track the water stain and localize it to the part of the attic you want to inspect. Attics are poorly lit places so you want to make sure you have adequate light and are dressed head to toe as the fiberglass found in the insulation can be an irritant to the skin. Make sure while crawling or walking around in the attic you test the area you are about to shift your weight on before fully stepping there as you want to step on beams and trusses and not mis step onto drywall that are not weight bearing structures.

Keep and eye out for wet insulation. Often times a leaking HVAC pan is the culprit and not the roof itself. Some tell tell signs are wet trusses, or pipe jacks, or rotted decking around where the leak is coming from. Having a thermal camera like a flir which is readily available for rent at your local building supply store like home depot can also help you track that leak. A visual inspection of the roof itself where you can identify missing shingles is also a point on water intrusion.

Call your local contractor as soon as you have prevented further damage to the home for a permanent fix, prevention of black mold and mold mitigation is very important factor when it comes to preserving a homes integrity. NRCA

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