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Greyhammer – Roofing & Construction is a U.S. Veteran, owned and operated General Contracting Company based in Dallas, TX. Matthew Karn (CEO) and Farhan Merchant (COO & Principal).

Matthew Karn


After serving as a United States Marine, I decided to pursue my passion for custom construction and design.

Working diligently, my passion for the craft and art form made way for new opportunities.

I have been fortunate enough for my passions to align with my career and have since been published in a variety of publications as well as enlisted to work on many high profile projects.

Some I am most proud to have been a part of are the opportunities to design and build many custom attractions within the Disney and Universal Studios amusement parks.

These include popular projects such as the design and development of Avatar, King Kong and Volcano bay.

However, working with J.K Rowling to create and develop Harry Potter’s Diagon Ally has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date.

Another one of my passions is travel.

Working on the creation and development of the Dubai Eye for Merlin Entertainments allowed me to once again achieve a career milestone as well as see another part of the world which crafted a truly unique experience.

Now, pairing up with my business partner Farhan Merchant with the development of Greyhammer, I look forward to beginning the next chapter in my career.

Greyhammer is a general contracting company that specializes in custom, luxury, residential and commercial projects (i.e new builds, remodels, roofing, etc)

Greyhammer is yet another milestone that I look forward to taking its growth and vision to unpredicted levels. Sharing my skill and craft with others is what I love most.

Farhan Merchant

COO & Principal

WHAT I DO: I help residential and commercial property owners to repair and improve their properties by providing roofing consultation and repair, all types of general contracting work, hail damage repairs that include roofing, gutters, fencing, windows, HVAC, painting, carpentry; commercial store conversions, and ground up construction.

HOW I DO IT: I am the COO & Principal of Greyhammer Construction, a general contractor. I also developed a product called The Roof Climber, which increases safety and ease of work on high-pitched roofs.


• Property inspection and documentation using drone surveying, mapping, infrared spectrometry, and moisture detection

• Xactimate analysis and estimates

• Project management and execution of repairs


• Property and maintenance managers

• Investors and landlords

• Property management companies

• Apartment complex managers

• Single & Multifamily homeowners

WHY IT WORKS: Most of our clients don’t even realize they have sustained hail damage and can get property improvements including new roofs, HVAC units, signs, gutters, windows, etc. paid for by their insurance. We help them to complete those repairs with as little impact on their cash flow as possible, and we handle all phases of the project from A to Z.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My professional training is in dentistry, but thanks to the vagaries of residency hour requirements combined with my international travel schedule, it ended up being better for me to change careers.

But that’s good for you, because dentistry is just small-scale construction with almost zero margin of error. It’s a multi-step process with complex angles and precise architecture. That translates to full-scale, complex construction projects that I approach with dental precision that reduces errors and leads to client satisfaction.






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